May 10, 2019

10 Must Have Baby Items that Make Motherhood Easier

10 Must Have Baby Items that Make Motherhood Easier

As parents, it is our duty to look out for our children. Although, that’s such a broad statement, what exactly does it mean? To put it simply, it means that you have to equip your child with the capabilities to take on the world, so that when they are older they do not have to rely on anything or anyone.

Saying that is one thing, and making it happen is something totally different. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 10 must have baby items that can make your job as a parent easier.

Animal Plush Soft Toy Bean Bag

Starting off light, out of all the must have baby items that make your job as a parent easier, few things can beat the bean bag. Think about it for a second. If you have a child, there’s a constant worry of what they’re up to and how they might hurt themselves when they’re out of sight.


That’s why when you get them this bean bag, you’ll always know the first place to look, because your child would always be sitting on it in front of the TV. Don’t think of that as a negative, as children today learn more from television than ever before. Therefore, this bean bag helps you with two tasks at once.

Children’s Ocean Ball Pit

Here’s something everyone as a child wanted. Out of all must have baby items, though this might not rank at the top of your list, I’m sure your baby would beg to differ. This is a great toy though, as it can keep your child occupied for hours. Also, they can use it to play with their friends as well.

Hello Kitty Baby Feeding Bottle

Let’s be straightforward here - as great as breastfeeding is, sometimes it really sucks. Seriously, forget the puns, breastfeeding can really be terrible sometimes. Some babies are really just a bit more aggressive than others, and it can lead to improper lactation and sore nipples.


For that reason, this feeding bottle acts as the perfect must have baby item, because you can’t just stop feeding your baby! This bottle makes the perfect compromise, so that you can still give your child 100% natural breast milk, without having to experience the unpleasantness of the scenario.

Breast Pump - Breastfeeding Storage Bottles

For the same reasons as mentioned above, sometimes breastfeeding just isn’t the best way to go. As much as people like to talk about the “irreplaceable” and “uncomparable” bond that’s felt during breastfeeding, nothing can compare to the soreness you get in your nipples afterwards either.


That’s why these breastfeeding storage bottles are so great. Simply by using a breast pump, you can store your own 100% natural breast milk for your baby, which is better than making them have that formula milk. The bottles also don’t have any carcinogens that find their way into the milk, and then into your baby’s belly. Therefore, these are 100% safe.

Cute Safe Nail Trimmer for Infants

Though grooming is always enjoyable, when it’s time for nail trimming, you have to remember how delicate and vulnerable babies are. Even the gentlest and most cautious hand can slip and make a little cut on your baby that would cause them to go bezerk with tears.


Not to mention regardless of how careful you are, your baby can always cause you to make an error. All it takes for them is to slip their hand ever-so-slightly, or a small sneeze, and their little fingers can be seriously hurt from regular old nail clippers.

That’s why this cute safe nail trimmer for infants is the safest way to groom your baby’s nails, and is a must have baby item. Once you begin to use this, you’ll never have to worry about the possibility of hurting your precious little munchkin.

Cartoon Shape Baby Potty Trainer Seat

Out of all the experiences a mother goes through with her baby throughout the miraculous journey of becoming a parent, oftentimes the most dreaded milestone is potty training. That is no surprise, given how repulsive and repugnant the entire potty training situation is.

Still, regardless of how disgusting it is, it is an essential part of raising a baby. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook it, and get yourself this must have baby item. Not only will it make your job of teaching your baby how to use the bathroom, but you’ll also never have to change another diaper.

Baby Safety Cradle for Baths/Showers

Let’s continue onwards towards the tumultuous troubles of shower time and actually get serious for a moment. As a parent you should always be aware of the risk that presents itself when you leave the child alone when you’re bathing them, and that is the risk of drowning.

All it takes is for you to not be there for a minute - maybe less - and your child could be in serious danger. They could fall into the tub, or slip in the shower. That’s why the Baby Safety Cradle for Bath/Showers is essential for your baby on a budget checklist. Your child’s safety is priceless, don’t overlook this.

Baby Crib Nursery Organizer

Now when it comes to babies, organization isn’t one of their strong suits. If you ever expected your baby to clean up after themselves, you quickly learned that organization isn’t an innate ability of human beings. Rather it’s something we have to practice and get better at.

That’s why this Baby Crib Nursery Organizer is on the list for must have baby items. Not only does it make your life as a parent easier for every time you need to clean up your baby’s area, it also gives the chance for your baby to learn the meaning and significance of staying organized.

LED Shower Thermometer

Let’s just start off by saying that if you’re a new parent, showering your new baby is already a menacing affair. You don’t want soapy water to go in their eyes, or for the water to go in mouths because they may drink it or choke on it. Why make it anymore complicated by leaving the water temperature up in the air?


What if your baby all of a sudden feels too cold? There’s your shower time ruined thanks to uncontrollable shivering shrieks. And if it’s too hot well, ruining shower time is the least of your concerns. That’s why the LED Shower Thermometer makes it onto the necessities for your baby on a budget checklist.

Baby Heart Monitor

As a parent, nothing is more important than the safety and wellbeing of your child. That is why it is absolutely essential to add this Baby Heart Monitor to your list of must have baby items. Not only can this be a lifesaving tool for your baby, it’s also a practical instrument that’s good and useful to have around.

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