February 12, 2019

4 Motherly Tips For a Healthy Pregnancy

4 Motherly Tips For a Healthy Pregnancy

A mother has several responsibilities. If you think these responsibilities only begin once her child is born, you are mistaken. Before their babies are even brought into this world, mothers take the responsibility of helping the child develop while they are still in the womb. From the beginning of conception to birth, it’s the first opportunity for the mother to show her baby how much she cares for them.

Tip #1: Eat Right

In order to take care of the baby, the first step is to take care of yourself. Only by taking care of yourself will you also have the capability of taking care of the baby. This is a mistake that so many mothers make, and ultimately it leads to them being unhealthy, which makes their child suffer as well. Therefore, the first responsibility of a mother is to make sure she eats well. Never skip breakfast, eat lots of fiber, take prenatal vitamins every day along with folic acid, limit caffeine and stay away from alcohol, and finally eat up to 12 ounces a week. Following through with all of this will ensure that you and your baby both stay healthy throughout the entire pregnancy. This is not one of those activities to avoid during pregnancy.

Tip #2: Exercise

Out of all the activities to avoid during pregnancy, they thought this was number one. In the old fashioned days, pregnant women were practically treated like victims of a plague. Constantly bedridden, already unable to move but further discouraged by those around her. In modern times though, researchers have found that pregnant women who get at least 20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week, experience much fewer of the negative symptoms of pregnancy. With exercise, you can eliminate nausea, weight gain, and stiff muscles. Be careful not to push yourself too hard, as that will come back to bite you and your baby too.

Tip #3: Relax

Yes, you were just told to exercise, so it may sound a little contradictory to be told you relax right afterward, but it’s true. With everything in life, you need balance. So when you’re trying to create life, as in a baby, it’s good to learn to balance even better. Because of your pregnancy, hormones in your body are wreaking havoc. This is also a reason to exercise, in order to counter the hormones. However, in order to fully contain the situation of your fluctuating hormones, you must also counter from the opposite side of exercise, and relax too. During pregnancy, your body is under a lot of stress, so in order to counter things like swollen feet, it’s good to lie down with your feet up. Whilst you’re doing that, there’s no harm in putting on some of your favorite tunes and taking a nap either. The easier you take it, the easier your pregnancy will go by.

Tip #4: Keep Yourself Hydrated

During pregnancy, it’s recommended that you drink at least 1.5 liters of water, if not 2 liters per day.  Unfortunately, it turns out that staying hydrated isn’t as easy as it sounds when you’re pregnant. It’s very easy for the water you drink to be used up during pregnancy, as it’s used up in building tissue, producing extra blood volume, and carry nutrients for your baby. This is why besides drinking lots more water, you should also avoid ingesting caffeine, not only because it’s harmful to your baby but also because it dehydrates you. Go on a rampage against all the watery fruits such as melons, pears, and oranges to keep yourself sustained.

Final Tip and Conclusion

These are essential all the tips that are required to see yourself get through pregnancy in a healthy manner. The only thing you should do besides following all these tips is seen as a medical professional who specializes in pregnancy and schedules regular check-ups with them during your pregnancy. This way you have in-depth knowledge of your baby’s development throughout your pregnancy.

Now you know everything a mother should know before having a child, and what activities to avoid during pregnancy. If these tips are followed through fully, there should be no doubt that you will be blessed with a wonderfully healthy child that’s ready to take on the world.

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