April 16, 2019

5 Mistakes New Parents Make that ruin their babies sleep

5 Mistakes New Parents Make that ruin their babies sleep

As a parent, getting your little champ to sleep can be a bit challenging. Proper baby sleep is really vital not for the baby, but also for you. It is way easier to fumble when taking care of your baby, there are a lot of small pins regarding baby sleep mistakes, you have to take into consideration when you become a MOM.

Here are the biggest mistakes new parents make while putting their baby to sleep. As you are the first-time parent, making, baby sleep mistakes is not that big deal. However, it is possible to develop a baby sleep chart and develop a healthy bedtime routine that will not leave you crying while sleeping.


Don’t forget, it is important to create the proper baby sleep chart and adhere to it. 

So, if you want to know what are some biggest mistakes new parents make that destroy baby sleep chart.

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1 - Not strictly following baby sleep chart - Take  too long to put the baby down to nap

Many folks want time to end before bed, and babies are no different. The proper bedtime routine is not only going to help your little one enter into relaxation mode before being placed in the crib, however, in addition, it can also serve as a wonderful bonding experience for both of you.


The baby sleep chart can be set as - 1 hour before you want your baby asleep, start your regular routine. Close to the curtains, dim the room lights and prepare his bottle and also an interactive story. To overcome baby sleep mistakes one way might be a warm bath - it can help soothe your baby, the biggest mistakes new parents make at that moment they think it’s a good time for baby to play rather than when it's over, taking them straight to their room, dress them and then let them sleep peacefully.

2 - Putting baby’s to sleep whenever and wherever they want

Nobody wants to become a servant to her baby’s sleep chart, but the simple truth is that naps at the stroller, even in the car seat, or at the high seat don't provide your infant with the sleep he needs.

To avoid such baby sleep mistakes, develop good sleep habits, your baby should have a familiar sleep zone, space where he moves to sleep for naps and bedtime at exactly the identical time each day. You may work for this rule in the case of important appointments and events, but most of the times you should stay consistent. Of course, if you're going out during the nighttime, get a babysitter or some member of the family to help so your infant isn't dropping off to sleep overtired in an unfamiliar atmosphere.

3 - Leaving baby uncomfortable on the bed - the biggest baby sleeping mistake

One of the biggest mistake new parents make is leaving their baby uncomfortable, that is enough to ruin a wonderful night's sleep. In case the child is fussing, it might be because he is too cold, too warm or wearing a thing he feels consists of wool blended with fiberglass. Maybe that big bottle is moved directly through your child and their diaper got wet, there you baby won’t be feeling comfortable.

4 - Putting the baby on a routine/schedule that is out of sync with the rest of the family.

Similar to adults who can’t fall asleep when there is an excessive amount of noise going on, babies have difficulty going to sleep soundly if the remaining part of the household is still active. When there's a total demand, ensure that the noise is happening far away from the baby's room and don’t forget to add a white noise machine to baby sleep chart that will block out the excess noise, and help your baby sleep peacefully.

To avoid such baby sleeping mistakes, it's essential that the other family members keep in mind that the baby needs sleep, even in the event the baby learns what is happening and also becomes curious, he or she might not be able to drift off easily and it often leads to more serious sleep issues!

5 - Neglecting to let the baby self-soothe

Babies that are sleep-dependent normally have difficulties falling asleep themselves while they're so utilized to being transported, rocked, bounced or placed in a moving carrier, which means they don't drift off unless they're daunted by another person. Sometimes, babies will merely understand just how to sleep whenever they have been in the comfort and ease of these activities. It's normal for parents to soothe babies, but in addition, it is fine to allow them to know to sleep by themselves without having to be coddled -- put them in a cozy environment and posture and allow them to learn how to get to sleep independently.


Wrap up:

If I had to narrow it down into the 2 biggest mistakes new parents make that let them fail with baby sleep training, I would say that is an inconsistency and the extinction burst will be the most crucial.

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