February 06, 2019

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Newborns

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Newborns

Newborns are a delight. It’s funny, we have all already been newborns once in our lives, but nobody seems to remember it. It just isn’t possible. We all seem to forget about the earliest stages of life, and how we learned to adapt to everything around us. Eventually, the time comes when you wonder about having your own children, and you wonder what you need to know about newborns.

Some people may feel naive or dull over not knowing this, but there is no reason. It is completely natural to worry about the little ones because they cannot look out for themselves. They are totally dependent, incredibly sensitive and completely vulnerable. It is good to have a concern. Therefore, in order to make you capable of taking care of them, here are the things to know about newborns.

Let’s start with a little humor, why don’t we? The first time your newborn will poop, you’ll be surprised to find out that it doesn’t smell at all. The reason for that is because is because newborns don’t have any gut bacteria when they’re starting off. Therefore you have to make sure to be cautious about what you feed them. After about four to six months of breastfeeding, there are enough gut bacteria for the baby to begin eating.

Now that we’ve started on a light note, let’s get serious. If you’re not interested in everything you need to know about newborns, just hold onto this one crucial piece of info. Sometimes infants stop breathing. It sounds really scary, but the truth is it happens all the time. Every now and then for a few seconds, they’ll stop breathing. The only time to be concerned is when it lasts longer than a few seconds because then it becomes a medical emergency.

Let’s lighten up the mood again a little. That baby breathing stuff is serious. Here’s a tidbit of info you may enjoy. Babies don’t cry with tears at first. They aren’t capable of producing them. It takes around eight to ten months for their tear ducts to fully develop and actually be capable of producing tears. Don’t worry, you’ll still get plenty of crying, with or without the tears.

Moving on, when wondering what you need to know about newborns, here’s something interesting. Oftentimes babies are born with birthmarks. Did you know that those birthmarks can sometimes just disappear on their own? Various birthmarks all require a few years to disappear. Another little interesting bit is that for some of them, we don’t know what causes them, and for others, we do.

Let’s talk a little bit about your baby’s head. At first, when it comes out, it might look a little smushed or strange. Don’t worry, it’ll sort itself out soon enough. That’s just what happens to a baby’s soft head as it exits the birth canal. Speaking of soft heads, that’s what your baby has. The bones of the skull still need to grow slowly over the years as the child grows and with that, they harden. However, when babies are very young their heads are quite soft and quite malleable. That’s how some tribal cultures get those strange elongated skull shapes, through head-binding as infants. This is why you should be careful where and how you place your baby and position their heads.

On that weird note, you are now aware of some of the things to know about newborns. While a little bit of caution is healthy to have, do not stress too much over your baby. Remember that you intend for him or her to grow up to be strong, capable and independent. For that reason, remember not to pamper them too much. Let them learn about life themselves, all you need to do is give them encouragement and support. With that, they should grow to be wise and capable enough to care for you someday.

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