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5 Tips On How To Bathe A Newborn Baby At Home


5 Tips On How To Bathe A Newborn Baby At Home

If you’re a first time parent or have experience of raising a child, the question of to how to bathe a newborn baby at home must have crossed your mind once or twice. It’s a concern for many.

Why wouldn’t it be?

I mean taking care of your baby is a top priority for you and you don’t want to make a mistake concerning their health now, do you?


Would you have ever thought that a simple bath could be of so much concern? It’s okay to worry but I can assure you as long as you take the necessary precautions, you have nothing to worry about.

And after all, it’s just a bath. So worry no more and here’s how you can bathe your baby at home and make it a wonderful experience.

Tip # 1 - Find The Right Moment


It’s of the highest importance that you choose the timing of your baby’s bath. The best time to introduce your baby to a bath would be when you’re both comfortable with it.

If your baby is comfortable with a timing, it will be easy for you to turn it into a routine and can become a comfortable experience. It could be in the morning, during the day or right before bedtime - you have to find the most comfortable time during the day for the both of you.

A happy mother of an 11 month boy, Sam is Catherine Arnold who reveals Right before bedtime has always been perfect in my experience

Tip # 2 - Do Your Preparations


Whenever you’re give your newborn baby a bath, it’s important that everything you need is present at an arm’s length. Can’t seem to figure out what will you need? No worries, let us make a checklist for you.


Baby Soap

Clean Towel


Barrier Cream


Why do you need all of these things? Well, when you’re giving your baby a bath, it’s important that you keep your eyes and at least one hand on them at all times.

Always remember, even a little amount of water can be dangerous for them. So never, let them out of your sight.

Pro Tip: Put a clean towel at the bottom of the bath tub to get some traction to prevent the baby from slipping.


Tip # 3 - Easing The Baby Into The Bath

Whenever, you’re giving your baby a bath remember, if both of you are not used to, it can be nerve racking. So you must ease into things at first.

My recommendation would be to first bring your baby to the bathing area, remove their cloths, diaper and gently lower them into the bath tub. It is also recommended to have someone else present with you during the time.

You can ask them to hold your baby while you wash them down for the first couple of times so that the both you and your baby get used to the whole routine. You have to use a cloth to wash their face, ears and around the eyes and then move downwards.

Tip # 4 - Bathe The Baby Quickly And Efficiently

The bathing experience can be difficult for babies and the chances of them getting cold are high because of no body fat. So make sure to always be reading the situation whenever you’re bathing your newborn baby.

If they’re cold, it would be best to cut the bath or you will have to distract them one way or another once they start crying. You could sing a song for them or distract them with a toy around the eyes and then move downwards.


Tip # 5 - Carefully Dry The Baby


Once the bath is over, it’s important that you dry them carefully. Why? Because it’s easier for a baby to catch a cold or get rashes so you must make sure to use a dry towel to reach all parts of the baby’s body and confirm that everything is dried out before you start dressing them up.

Whether you bath your baby daily or once in a few days, it’s totally up to you. But it’s important that you make the experience wonderful for them because although it’s just a bath which sounds pretty simple but it’s always good to be cautious.

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Thiranya Ravi
Thiranya Ravi

February 21, 2019

Such useful tips on how to bathe a baby.Thanks for sharing this tips with us. Keep sharing.

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