December 18, 2017

A Guide To Selecting Clothes For Breastfeeding


A Guide To Selecting Clothes For Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an essential part of your baby’s nourishment at an early age. It plays a vital role in not only providing the necessary nutrition but also plays a pivotal role in keeping your baby safe from all kinds of diseases that they are prone to at an early age.

However, breastfeeding is definitely going to be considered a skill and there are many things that can go wrong so it’s absolutely essential that you get it right. Another daunting thought that comes with breastfeeding is the possibility of doing it in public. This can be a frightening task especially when you’re just getting used to doing it. And that is when breastfeeding clothes come in handy which can help to keep things very discrete.

However, it’s not necessary that you go out there and start spending on baby nursing clothes. You don’t want to waste away all your money now do you? You should definitely go through this guide before going out there and start buying.

What are the absolute must haves?

Nursing Bras


When you start breastfeeding and are worried about doing it in public, I feel that a good nursing bra is one thing that you should invest your money in. Keep in mind, the best nursing bras are not very good looking or flattering but are able to get the job done.

A poorly fit bra could lead to blocked ducts and can lead to mastitis. You don’t want that now, do you?

Another benefit of using a nursing bra is that you are able to unclip the cup and don’t have to remove the bra altogether for breastfeeding purposes. My advice to you is to wait for 6 months before investing in one as the size can vary in that time due to your milk supply being developed.

If you do want to prepare yourself beforehand, I would advice investing your money in a seamless bra from here to save up your money.

Pro Tip: It’s always handy to have 2-3 nursing bras in your closet because as you’re getting used to the whole thing, there is going to be lots of leakage and a spare would always come in handy. It’s also essential to always wear a nursing pad.

Not Advisable To Invest In Breastfeeding Clothes


Before your interpret this wrongly. Let me clear it up. It’s not advised to invest your money in breastfeeding clothes. Kind of ironic, because I invested in them too and trust me, a few months down the road, I have not been using any one of them.


Well for starters, most of the breastfeeding clothes that you’re going to find out there come with a bump in the front because they are considered maternity clothes too. And when the bump is gone, you’re not going to be using them.

If you do want to invest in some breastfeeding clothes, my advice is to get a few basic ones and that is it..

Advised To Stick To Regular Clothes


When you take a look at your wardrobe, you’re going to be overwhelmed with the same feeling I went through when I looked at all the options that go out of consideration because of breastfeeding.

I mean you can’t wear your zipper at the back dresses, your high necks and all those pretty dresses because breastfeeding in them is going to be a problem.

So what do you do?

You stick to your regular clothes. What I do is wear a vest top mostly or a regular shirt and pair it up with a skirt or jeans.

How does this help?

With a regular shirt or a vest top, it’s very easy to remove only what is necessary and get to breastfeeding your baby without making matters anymore complicated than they need to be.

How To Breastfeed at Night?


This can be a little more tricky than your usual breastfeeding sessions. Why? Because you don’t want to be wearing a bra at night but are worried about the leakage. You also cannot be wearing a vest top because it’s cold.

I struggled with this at first too. But what I did was to start relying on softer nursing pads so I don't need a bra and also be able to wear a full sleeve top and whenever I have to breastfeed, it’s only a matter of one pull up and viola.

So here are my tips of choosing the right breastfeeding clothes. I feel they have worked for me. But I am sure, some of you have some more tips as well. Be kind enough to share them in the comment section below.

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