November 01, 2017

A Shopping Guide For New Mothers: How Many Clothes Do I Need?


A Shopping Guide For New Mothers: How Many Clothes Do I Need?

If you are a new mother, you will be tempted to hoard baby clothing. You see hats, you buy them. You see mittens and you buy them. No matter what you see, you just want to buy it.

All of this impulse buying and it’s easy to be succumbed into it. However, after awhile you realize you have loads and loads of stuff that does not fit anymore and all that shopping goes to waste.

So the question is, how many clothes do I really need for my child.

We say, loads of them and let’s go through each of the categories.

How Many Costumes Do I Need?


Costumes are an essential part of a baby’s closet. They are good for occasions like Halloween or a birthday party. You don’t need many because trust me, your baby is going to outgrow them all.

Kids tend to grow fast. It is quite probable that the costume your child wore once will not fit them after two months. So, there really is no point in buying dozens of costumes for no reason. Just buy one or two costume in each size and you are good to go.

It is better to buy the costumes that are trending those days like a superhero costume. Other than that, you can get cute little costumes like a fruit or vegetable costume because they are suitable for every occasion. Just like that, you can also buy animals costumes for example a duck or lion costume for your little one.

How Many Jumpsuits and Romper Should I Buy?


Jumpsuits and rompers are among the favorite type of clothing items because they are so easy to put on and are so comfortable for the child to wear.


You can buy three to four jumpsuits in each size. But your child is going to outgrow them all. If you were saving a romper for someone’s party, you will be disappointed to find that by the time the party comes in a month or so, your child would have grown. So, it is not advisable to buy twelve pieces of rompers that you are never going to put on your child.

How Many Socks and Hats Should I Buy?


One hat is enough or two maybe. Most often, you can buy them in packs that come with 6 different cycles and they will last you for the whole year. The same can be done with gloves since most kids do not even like wearing gloves.

Socks are a different story altogether. Socks come in pairs which means if one is lost, there is not much you can do with the second one. So, it is better to buy a dozen pairs of socks for each size. This will keep you covered and it will ensure that you baby never has to go bare feet.

Your child is growing every month at a quick pace. So you must always be ready to find a better size for them.

They’re Always A Mess As Well


Kids tend to be messy so they change more than once a day. It means that even if you have a twenty dresses for one size, they will all get worn in a course of six days. Thus, you must shop economically and buy things in terms of quality and not quantity.

Make sure the fabric of all the clothes is not rough for the baby. Most mommies, in excitement of buying something that looks cool, ignore the material it is made of. This is something your little one may not approve of.

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