May 16, 2019

Baby Safety Checklist for Your Home

Baby Safety Checklist for Your Home

You love your kid, undoubtedly. Though they’ve only been a part of your life for such a small fraction of your life, the love you have for them in unparalleled. This means that you want to protect your delicate child as they’re crawling along the floor of your home. You need crawling baby safety equipment!

How many times you’ve banged your knee walking around your house? If that was your baby crawling along the floor… let’s not go there. Banging your knee is a minor annoyance that happens once in a blue moon, but that’s not the point.

The point is simple, there are a lot of dangers around your house, and you’re sensible enough to avoid them. But your baby is far too innocent. That’s why you need some crawling baby safety equipment for your home.

Household Dangers

When it comes to houses without crawling baby safety equipment, there are many dangers for babies. Just take a second to think about it. They might not appear in your mind all at once, but here’s a small list.


  • It takes less strength than you think to break glass, and believe you me, glass can do horrific damage. Your baby won’t stand a chance.

Sharp Edges

  • This might be the coffee table that likes to passionately greet your shin every once in a while when you least expect it. Babies should be wary of it.


  • You might have not even thought about this one since you’re not stupid enough to mess with electricity, but kids never fail to disappoint.

Hot Objects

  • Your stoves and pots and pans, teas and coffees - all of those are heat hazards for your baby.


  • If your head hits the ground from head height, you seriously might not wake up from that. Your baby doesn’t need to be playing on the balcony to be in danger. This might be the most serious reason to have crawling baby safety equipment.

Practically anything you can think of as normal, functional, everyday item could be a hazard for your baby. That’s just how it is when you’re an innocent baby.

What Can be Done?

So what’s the best bet for your baby? What’s the best crawling baby safety equipment you can get to make sure your baby is always safe? How about those little toddler fences people use to herd their children… in like cattle? No that doesn’t seem good. You don’t want your baby to be imprisoned. Besides, those clever rascals always find a way around!

Baby Monitors from Babies n Mamas

Rather than locking your sweet little munchkin up like a prisoner, get a couple of baby monitors from Babies n Mamas. The reason baby monitors are the best for crawling baby safety equipment is that they do not interrupt the development of your child.

Unlike the poor kids who are locked behind the cage or other kids who are overprotected as they are smothered by their parents, your child only needs your eyes on them. That way you can step in if something goes wrong, or is about to go wrong.

Getting a couple of different types is better than just a couple of the same type, as you can not only spread them around your house but also because you can take advantage of more features for practically the same price.

This is why Babies n Mamas’ baby monitors are the best crawling baby safety equipment for you!

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