February 12, 2019

How To Care for Your Newborn Love

How To Care for Your Newborn Love

After having your newborn for about six weeks, you might begin to notice that you feel as though you got hit by a plane. Worry not, as this is just called physical and mental exhaustion, something faced by everyone who becomes a parent. The important part about this exhaustion is, how can you care for your newborn despite it? Here are some newborn care basics to help you out.

Seeking Help Isn’t Shameful

First thing’s first: Women who seek out help have a higher success rate. Basically what this means is that women who, before even giving birth, went around and asked their friends who have had children, pediatricians, and nannies for advice on how to care for their children; the women who did all of these things had an easier time learning how to take care of their newborn.

Prepare Your Home

Secondly, you want to prepare your home so that a baby can roam its halls freely. What this means is usually putting away things that are sharp and pointy, covering corners of certain objects that are bound to hit your toddler’s head as they run around the house, covering electrical sockets so they can’t stick their nails in, setting up barriers from anywhere they could fall etc. etc. etc. The benefit of all of this is that you can allow your child to freely roam the halls of your home without having to worry what will happen as they turn the corner.


Continuing with essential newborn care basics: Sleep is an important part of everyone’s day. That includes you, your significant other, and your baby. Unfortunately, as it turns out most of the time, the baby can’t give less of a hoot about your own sleep. You have to come to the realization that indeed, that is okay. The better rest your baby gets, the better chance you have to get rest. Get it? The best advice is to sleep when your baby sleeps.

Take Turns Working Shifts

As we’re on the subject of getting rest, let’s talk about the most (and arguably only) dreadful part of having a baby, which is the siren that goes off in the middle of the night. Some couples have an agreement on simply having one dedicated party deal with the siren as it goes off, but it’s better to take turns every night. In fact, the more you can implement the idea of splitting roles the better chances you have of getting through the early years of your baby’s life without losing all sense of serenity.

Play Some Tunes

This is a simple trick you can use on your baby when they’re being unreasonably upset. Put on some tunes you enjoy, that you think your baby wouldn’t mind either. Be sure not to take your eyes off of theirs, because they will suddenly change. After grasping the sound of the music, you can imagine a baby charmed the same way a snake is charmed by a snake charmer. Unaware for the most part of what the sound is or where it’s coming from, but completely paralyzed in awe and lost in wonder. This is the oldest trick in the book for dealing with babies.

Accept Help

Sometimes people without babies will be nice enough, or naive enough, to want to help you take care of their baby. Regardless of how experienced this person is, you should accept their help and make full use of it. Milk them dry for all they can help, because opportunities like that don’t come around every day. Of course you don’t want to use up and discard this person for good. Try to make it so as they can also learn some things and get some value from this experience.

Understand It’s All Out of Control

Your newborn care basics course is coming to an end. Here’s the final bit you need to understand when caring for babies. At any time, your innocent little adorable one can be the bane of your plans. That is why you should aim to keep your plans simple and versatile. If anything ever goes severely wrong, if something you were looking forward to is spoiled because your baby couldn’t handle their breast milk, don’t be too upset. Remember that everyone alive has made it through, and that you put your parents through the same trouble. If they were able to make it, and everyone else who ever existed was able to make it, then you should be able to as well.

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