October 10, 2017

How To Make Your Baby Burp Tips And Tricks


How To Make Your Baby Burp: Tips And Tricks

Babies often end being cranky and cause fuss during or after a feeding? Can relate to that? Well the reason for that is that while feeding, babies often end up swallowing a bit of air too. What this does is make them uncomfortable - causing them to get cranky.

So how do you deal with such problems?

The answer is to make them to burp every time you feed them which will release the air, emptying up the space in their stomach.

Why Should You Burp Your Baby?


When you’re feeding your baby, it’s normal for them to swallow a bit of air. Doesn’t matter if you’re breastfeeding or making them drink formula. However, these air bubbles trapped in their stomach makes them uncomfortable and will make her uncomfortable even before they’re done feeding.

So it’s important to release the air by burping your easy if you want to keep your baby as comfortable as possible.

Tips To Burp Your Baby


So now that we understand how important it is to burp your baby. Let’s take a look at some fo the tips that you can use to burp your baby.

  • Always place a burp cloth between your cloths and the baby’s mouth

  • Keep a cloth or a baby in hand in case the baby spits

  • A gentle rub will usually work but sometimes you will have to use a firm hand

  • Focus on the left side

  • Increased fussing maybe because of more swallowed air, don’t wait around and burp them right away

Positions To Burp Your Baby

Essentially, there are three main positions which will work for you if you’re looking to burp your baby. Either you do it on your shoulder, face down on your lap or do it while sitting up.

You must try out all three to see which one gets the job done for you.

On your shoulder: You must hold your baby firmly against your shoulder. One hand must be for support while using the other hand to rub their back


Face down on your lap: For this you must make your baby lay on your lap and gently rub their back. Make sure their head is turned sideways


Sitting Up: Make your baby sit on your lap while facing you. Support them with one arm while use the other to rub gently.


How Frequently Should I Burp My Baby?

The frequence is totally dependent upon how often you’re feeding your baby and how much.

  • When you’re bottle feeding, make sure to burp your baby every 2-3 ounces

  • When you’re breast feeding, burp when you’re switching to ensure the baby completes their feeding.

What If My Baby Doesn't Burp?


This is something you should not worry about. Because some babies don’t swallow that much air or maybe releasing air through gas causing them to not burp much. This is completely normal and should not be of great concern to you.


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