May 13, 2019

Newborn Feeding Schedule Week by Week

Newborn Feeding Schedule Week by Week

After having a baby, the first thing about them that will probably catch you by surprise is their feeding schedule. Few things change as frequently as a newborn feeding schedule, but that is only due to the many growth spurts they go through right after being born. In order for your baby to grow healthy and strong, here is the guide to your newborn’s feeding schedule week by week.

Growth Spurts

When you first have a baby, the first couple of days will be spent with them either asleep in your arms or getting breastfed. As the first couple of days pass by though, you will begin to notice something - which is your baby’s feeding is rapidly increasing. This is nothing to be alarmed by. As stated earlier, newborn feeding schedules week by week can be extremely varied.

If it seems to you like your newborn’s appetite has ramped up, it is most likely due to them hitting a growth spurt. See, compared to other animals, human beings are born relatively underdeveloped. That is due to our large heads, which are nearly impossible to pass through the birth canal as they are. If children were to grow in the womb for a little longer, women would be much less likely to survive childbirth.

Timing Growth Spurts

That is why when newborns grow so fast after coming into this world. They are only able to develop so far in the womb, and so when they’re born they make up for all the time lost! Your newborn will probably go through growth spurts during at the following ages:

  • Age 7 to 10 days
  • Age 2 to 3 weeks
  • Age 4 to 6 weeks
  • Age of 3 months

It will be during these growth spurts that your baby will just feel like an eating machine. All they will do is eat like an insatiable monster, and then sleep peacefully like your grandpa. Both of the activities your baby does around this time indicate that all this effort put into eating and resting is going directly into growing.

Creating a Feeding Schedule for Your Newborn

In order to come up with a newborn feeding schedule week by week, first, you will simply have to create a regular newborn feeding schedule. That would look something like this:

9 AM - Fixed point

Wake and feed baby

10 AM


11 AM

Wake and feed baby

12 PM


1 PM

Wake and feed baby

2 PM


3 PM - Fixed point

Wake and feed baby

4 PM


5 PM


6 PM

Wake and feed baby

7 PM

Power nap

8 PM

Wake and feed baby

9 PM - Fixed point



If only following this schedule was as easy as it looks. A few tips if you’re going to go along with this would be to sleep when your baby sleeps.

Feeding Babies n Mamas

Feeding your baby can be a chore, and coming up with a newborn feeding schedule week by week gets tiring quick. That’s why you should go with Babies n Mamas, in order to make your job as a mother easier. It’ll also be better for your baby to have a mother who is always happy to feed them, rather than someone who’s taking it as a chore. Care for your baby to show it, love, with Babies n Mamas.

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