April 22, 2019

Precautions to Take During the First Trimester of Your Pregnancy

Precautions to Take During the First Trimester of Your Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the toughest things that a human being could possibly experience. If it’s your first time being pregnant, without a doubt you must be feeling a bit anxious. Worry not though, partly because stress is bad for the baby, but more importantly because here are the precautions to take during early pregnancy to avoid a miscarriage!

Take Prenatal Vitamins

When you’re pregnant, you need to remember that everything you ingest is no longer just for you, it’s for two people now! What that means is that you’ll need to eat more than you usually do. However, stuffing yourself with food isn’t good, because overeating is unhealthy.

Another way to obtain the nutrients and vitamins you and your baby need is by taking some supplements. Prenatal vitamins for pregnant women include folic acid to prevent birth defects, and iron to prevent pregnancy anemia.

No More Drugs

Think about just how vulnerable and sensitive a baby is. Now imagine an unborn baby still in the womb, and think about how vulnerable and sensitive it is again. The thought should terrify you. How could anything so benign and innocent ever even exist? The thought should terrify you because that state of innocence is incredibly delicate.

That state of purity, once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. That’s why when you’re pregnant you should stop ingesting any drugs. Let’s be clear here, I’m not just telling you here to stop doing drugs like heroin. I mean EVERYTHING - caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, THC, opiates. You don’t know how these would affect your unborn baby, so why run the risk?

Watch Your Diet

Like stated in the first precaution, when you are pregnant you are consuming for two people. That is why it’s important to watch your diet. On top of taking prenatal supplements, you should consider finding healthy food and snacks as your second job. It’s important for the baby.

Again, as stated above, you shouldn’t stuff yourself with food. Instead, look for healthy foods to snack on. This includes things like nuts and seeds. Not only are they delicious, but they develop your baby’s eyes and brain. Eggs, fish, milk, tuna, salmon, and fruits are all great too. Just make sure to wash the fruits before ingesting them.

Baby Supplies from Babies n Mamas

Right now you’re only on your first trimester. Regardless of how good or bad you feel about it, you know there are two more trimesters after this. After those is the big day! Though it seems far away now, it’ll come sooner than you think. That’s why you should prepare yourself by shopping at Babies n Mamas.

Order yourself a few maternity dresses before you really need them, as well as a U shaped pillow to have the comfiest pregnancy ever. Get a baby bag and fill it with the supplies you’ll need when you hit labor. Get another bag and fill it with the supplies that you’ll be using to take care of your baby for the next few years, while they’re still a baby.

If you follow all of those steps, your pregnancy will pass as easily as a breeze.

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