February 06, 2019

The Smartest Way to Make Your Toddler a Genius

The Smartest Way to Make Your Toddler a Genius

It is only natural to be concerned about your child. As we look upon them with love, often we ask ourselves questions about them. One question you might’ve asked yourself after seeing your child do something surprising is “is my toddler a genius?” Obviously, some people are smarter than others. It is something I’m sure you’ve noticed throughout your life. Actually, often times it’s us who feel like we are ahead intellectually when compared to those around us. Obviously, this is just a stroke of the ego, but there’s something to it isn’t there? Being intelligent is one of the two greatest indicators for success, researchers have found. The other one is conscientiousness, which is essentially discipline in work.

If everyone were smarter the world would definitely a better place. The only way we can do that is by making our children smarter. But therein the question lies “how do I know if my child is gifted or just smart?” And if they are smart, how do you make sure they keep getting smarter?

One of the best signs of intelligence in toddlers to look out for is their verbal capacity. If it seems like their vocabulary is rapidly growing, then that is wonderful. If your child learns more than one word a week between the ages of eighteen months and two years, it means that your child is ahead of the curve. Children who are better at communicating get a head start in life because they can begin learning at an earlier age, and also begin learning how to learn quicker.

If you’re wondering how to make your toddler a genius, here’s a pro tip: You won’t get anywhere without emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is what allows us to have morals, and honing your emotional intelligence involves realizing the effects of your actions around you. This would mean that if your child erred, they would be apologetic and wanting to make things right again so that all parties involved leave satisfied. It is important to teach children emotional intelligence so that they can relate to others and make friends.

Continuing on the train of how to make your toddler a genius: make them play lots of games. You might think that is counterintuitive, but you’d be wrong. Games are just like many aspects of life. There are a set of rules that one must follow through in order to succeed. When your child learns a bunch of different games, eventually rather than learning the game, they will learn how to play games in general. This is a skill that will never stop being useful to them after the fact and is invaluable.

Finally, if you’re still asking “Is my toddler a genius?” the next step is to test out your child’s creativity. Give them space where they can be creative by themselves. That doesn’t mean giving them a chest full of toys and letting them run wild with their games. In fact, a few limitations might be better to find out just how creative they are. The more they can entertain themselves with fewer stuff around, the more creative they are. This exercise is almost completely imaginative and is excellent for developing creativity in your child.

There is almost all you need to know if you’re looking for signs of intelligence in toddlers. If you’re still wondering how to make your toddler a genius, I only have one word to say to you: encouragement. The potential in your child to do great things in this world is nearly limitless. It is always your duty as a parent to encourage them, believe in them, and support them. Plenty of geniuses have lived and died in this world, but in order to make your child truly stand upon the shoulders of giants, encourage them.

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