February 13, 2019

Tips For Disciplining Your Toddler Through the Terrible Twos

Tips For Disciplining Your Toddler Through the Terrible Twos

If children were to be born with social skills, it would really take a whole lot of work out of our hands as parents. Fortunately and unfortunately, that is not the case. The fortunate part is that we can mold them to what we believe is best for them, morally speaking. The unfortunate part is that instilling the lessons in your children to behave well is incredibly difficult, and having children that are so young doesn’t make it easier. Still, here is how to instill discipline in toddlers.

Let Them Learn the Meaning of No

The first tip is one of, if not the most important part of instilling discipline in toddlers. Until they understand the meaning of this one word, the rest of your job as a parent will be incredibly difficult. Teaching your kid the meaning of the word “No” can be difficult, but here is how you go about it.

This is how it’s done. The next time you find your toddler doing something they’re not supposed to be doing, walk up to them and tell them no. At this point, grab them firmly but gently, in order to clearly communicate to them that they have been restricted and will not be allowed to continue with what they were doing. You can expect your toddler to shed tears at this point, but as a parent looking out for the greater good, you need to be strong at this point.

Doing this for 2 weeks will get your child to the point where when they hear you say no, they will stop whatever they were doing. They might still cry, however that too will pass within a couple of weeks.

The benefit of this is all you need to do now to watch out for your toddler is keep an eye on them. There’s no need to follow them back and forth everywhere, as soon as you say no they will no longer continue with their actions.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Though you may have mastered the first step, be sure to not let it get to your head. Just because your toddler can now obey you when you tell them to stop doing something, doesn’t mean that they always should. If you begin to overuse these manners of restraints, not only will they begin to lose their meaning, but they might encourage your child to stop listening to you altogether. This is how you do the opposite of instilling discipline in toddlers.

This is why you are being taught to choose your battles wisely. The wisdom of this is that you get to allow your child to groom their own individuality, as well as letting them explore the world around them. All of this is done with encouragement, however, when the time comes to step in the way, you are already prepared. Just by you stepping in, your child should realize that they have done wrong, and should be ready to make it right. This becomes the benefit of choosing your battles, as you don’t wear down the meaning of your influence.

Encouragement and Conclusion

To be fairly honest, you know most of everything needed to instill discipline in toddlers now. The only thing that will help you now is patience. Besides that, however, there is one more thing every parent should use as often as possible with their children, and that is called encouragement.

Encouragement itself is a type of discipline that will bond your child with the will to walk the right path. Nothing else could get them to act in the world the way the encouragement of you, their parent, will. Be sure to use this tool more often than any other.

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