April 29, 2019

What to Do When Your Baby is Afraid

What to Do When Your Baby is Afraid

I bet your baby gets scared for no reason all the time. After all, it is an adorable little defenseless little softie. But don’t you get bothered by excessive crying after your baby gets scared while sleeping? Again, it’s understandable that your baby would cry because without you it’s completely vulnerable, but I’m sure you wish you could do something for your baby to help it out.

Moro Reflex

Well, before you become absolutely 100% sure that your baby is afraid of everything because they get scared for no reason, you should make sure it’s not the Moro reflex that’s getting them. The Moro reflex is an involuntary startle response that your baby does when they see or experience something unexpected.

The Moro reflex isn’t always responsible for pushing your child to tears though. Sometimes it just upsets them to the point where the baby gets scared while sleeping, and then just wakes up without going back to sleep.

The Moro reflex can be taken care of by keeping your baby close to your body as you’re putting them to sleep, or by swaddling your baby. Either way, the solution seems to be to cuddle with your baby until they feel comfortable.

Common Causes for Fear

You really might believe your baby gets scared for no reason, but the truth is that it could be the simplest things that could cause your baby to become upset. So many common household appliances like vacuums and shakers can cause your baby to cry. Other things like a loud engine or the blinding white flash of lightning followed by loud thunder can also scare your baby.  

If only that were the end of the list of things that can make babies cry, but unfortunately we’re nowhere near done. Though all of the things listed previously are commonplace in every household, it is still understand how they could scare a vulnerable baby. But sometimes children also just begin to cry as they’re changing their clothes, or by being picked up all of a sudden.

Solving each and every fear for your baby is an impossible task, and not only would it leave you exhausted, but you would also turn your baby into a little monster. Fear, though an excess can be horrifically detrimental, is usually a barrier for our children to push past in order to become bigger and better people.

How can you make sure that your baby matures at the best rate, by facing their fears and avoiding the detrimental trauma? That is the question every parent wants an answer to.

Baby Monitor from Babies n Mamas

Instead of making your baby cry in their dark little crib all alone, you could place a baby monitor next to them. This way you could be anywhere in your house and if your parental sixth sense tells you that your baby is crying for no reason, you can speak to them through the monitor. Arguably, this would also make your baby stronger and more confident, where instead of relying on you to cuddle them always, now they can just rely on your voice. Eventually, as they grow up even further, they will no longer be in need of that either.

To treat your baby right, check out Babies n Mamas. Baby monitors are only a drop in the ocean of tools and supplies available to make the lives of mothers easier, and the lives of babies richer, joyful, and great.

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