May 14, 2019

Why Every Toddler Old Should Have These Toys

Why Every Toddler Old Should Have These Toys

When we were babies we just had toys, which we considered our baby gear, and it was more beneficial for us than you would’ve thought. That’s why we think all babies should have these kinds of baby gear for 4-month-olds. But before we get there,

The Game of Life

When your little one is only a little grown up, they should have some baby gear for 4 month olds. But why should they have this you ask? It’s quite simple. Your baby is new to live, and believe it or not, life is a game.

The game of life is made up of sets of many different games, and the goal of the game of life is not to win all those minigames but to learn the process of winning. Now that you understand this idea, you will be able to understand the profound effects of baby gear for 4 month olds.

The Benefits of Baby Gear

Alright so now you understand the game of life, you should be given a clearer explanation of baby gear 4-month-olds, and why it’s so important. The best way to understand the benefits of baby gear is by learning a bit about Dr. Jaak Panksepp. Jaak Panksepp discovered that mammals have a “play circuit” coded into their biology.

That means if 2 rats were to wrestle (because that’s how rats play), if one rat loses more than 2/3rds of the time, it will stop inviting the winning rat to play. This is because of the play circuit, which says that morally it is wrong to play with someone who plays so rough and negligently.

Are you beginning to understand where this is leading? Your child also has a playing circuit within them, as do all children, and if it’s not properly honed and tuned with the proper baby gear for 4-month-olds, then they can become like the rat that no one wants to play with.

What Baby Gear Should I Get?

Here comes the best part. Technically speaking, you don’t really need to get your baby any gear. They will most likely play with anything. However, play is an innate function of the brain, and so nurturing it would be best for your child’s growth and development in all aspects.

Another great bit about this is that you don’t really need to get your baby gear that comes with multiple toys so that they could play with other kids. Though that’s also great, they should learn to distribute and negotiate with other kids, because those are the skills they need.

So what kinds of baby gear for your 4 month old should your baby get? Take a look at Babies n Mamas and you get a good idea. Anything from the many varieties of rattle toys, bath toys, education toys, and books - though they aren’t necessarily “games,” they can all play a huge role in teaching your child the game of life, which is the whole point of games and play, to begin with.

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