May 15, 2019

Your Baby Needs These Feeding Essentials

As parents, it is our job to not just take care of our babies, but also find better ways to take of our babies. One of the biggest needs our babies have is the need for food, and so here are some baby feeding essentials you need to have on lockdown, to treat your kid well.

Why Do Babies Eat?

It might sound like a silly question. Why do babies eat? You might as well have been asked why does any living thing eat? But if that’s the case, then the question is incomplete. The question should be “Why do babies do nothing but eat, except sleep?”

Now that’s a good question to ask when you’re trying to figure out what qualifies into the category of baby feeding essentials. The answer to it is simple. Babies eat to grow, and they sleep so that their bodies can metabolize the food they eat into what makes them grow.

It’s quite the simple process, isn’t it?

What Qualifies as Baby Feeding Essentials

Now that you understand the process of baby feeding, as in why they eat, what they do with the energy that they acquire from the good, and how they grow, you can understand as what qualifies as baby feeding essentials.

By the way, you shouldn’t think of baby feeding essentials as “it is essential that my baby has X number of bites before bedtime”. Baby feeding essentials are basically guidelines, rules, and tools you can use to make sure your baby’s nourishment is optimized.

Something that would serve as a great example for you would be a baby feeding schedule. Here you go:


9 AM - Fixed point

Wake and feed baby

10 AM


11 AM

Wake and feed baby

12 PM


1 PM

Wake and feed baby

2 PM


3 PM - Fixed point

Wake and feed baby

4 PM


5 PM


6 PM

Wake and feed baby

7 PM

Power nap

8 PM

Wake and feed baby

9 PM - Fixed point



Let’s talk about this schedule momentarily.

Baby feeding essentials, as stated prior, exist to optimize the nourishment of your baby. This baby feeding schedule does exactly that, which therefore qualifies it as baby feeding essentials.

Baby Feeding Essentials

Now that you understand exactly what makes something a baby feeding essential item, here are a few items you should definitely have to provide the best nourishment for your baby possible.

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps definitely qualify as baby feeding essentials. First of all, if you’re using a breast pump to feed your child, it means you’re breastfeeding them, which guaranteed optimal nutrition. Besides that though, it allows the dad to feed the baby as well while the mother relaxes. If your baby is keen on teething, this is also great.


Feeding Pillow

Another great item that qualifies under baby feeding essentials is the baby feeding pillow. This one is FANTASTIC. Firstly, you see your little munchkin sitting upright as you’re feeding them, which is adorable. But secondly, it allows for your baby to sit up on their own! Meaning your hands are free. This way you can feed your baby without missing your favorite TV show series finale!


Final Words from Babies n Mamas

All the baby feeding essentials you’ve been told about here can be found at Babies n Mamas, along with an arsenal of baby tools you can use to make your job as a mother easier! Check it out so that you can give your baby the best.

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