Your Guide to Feeding a Baby as a New Parent


April 10, 2019

Your Guide to Feeding a Baby as a New Parent

When you have a baby for the first time, a feeling that is bound to hit you is that of incredible amounts of responsibility. You learn to become accountable for raising a whole separate human being, and if you neglect that duty then the consequences can be severe. One of the major duties of parents is to feed their babies, but new isn’t always aware of how to feed, or when to feed the baby.

Believe in Breast Milk

The first thing that is important to keep your baby well fed, if they’re a newborn, is to only give them either breast milk or formula. For a growing baby, water, juice, or any other fluids aren’t very necessary if they can get breast milk, which is the healthiest option. If it is not possible to provide breast milk for your baby, you can also use formula. When it comes to knowing how to feed a newborn, this is something that new parents really need to be aware of.

The Time to Feed

The next thing you need to know as a new parent when it comes to feeding your newborn is when to feed. See, newborns are eating machines because they are in the earliest phase of their life, from where they will do the most growing. That is why they need to be fed around a dozen times a day. Pay close attention to your baby and you’ll get better at seeing when you need to feed them because they will have cues like sucking on their fingers or smacking their lips. If they’re crying, you’ve already waited too long.

How Much to Eat?

Don’t be afraid if your newborn doesn’t always eat the same amount. If you want to know how to feed your baby properly, then one thing you should know to never do is force feeding your baby. Sometimes as they’re going through a short growth spurt, they will begin eating double their regular amount. Other times, they might only eat half as much because they’re not in the mood. Just make sure that your baby keeps eating, and besides that everything should be fine.

One more thing when it comes to knowing how to feed your baby is one crucial step that you need to enact, and that is trust. Trust in yourself and your newborn’s natural instinct on how much they’re supposed to eat. Instead of focusing on the amount of food left on their plate, you should try and keep track of their weight that should be steadily gaining.

Build a Bond

Finally,  never forget that as you’re feeding your baby, it is the opportunity to build a  bond with them. You’ll never know how to feed your baby properly unless you can bond with them, because later on when they’ll have grown up a bit it’ll take more of an effort. So next time it’s time to give your baby food when you’re feeding make sure to make them have fun also.

Final Words

So the next time you’re getting ready for when to feed the baby, remember all the steps laid out here. It is your baby and there is a loving relationship there, so all you need to do is let it blossom. Knowing how to feed your baby will be a crucial step towards having a great relationship with them for their whole lives. For more great articles and valuable info on raising your baby, check out what else Babies n Mamas has to offer!

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