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How Early Can You Get Pregnancy Symptoms with The 3rd Child?

Are you pregnant for the third time? Congrats! It’s indeed exciting. But I bet you are not as nervous as your first pregnancy. After all, your body is already aware of the basics of pregnancy. However, each pregnancy is unpredictable in its own way. So, what are the signs and symptoms of 3rd pregnancy? How early can you get pregnancy symptoms with 3rd child?

Just like your first pregnancy, you will face obvious symptoms like – morning sickness, amenorrhoea, and abdominal bulging. But, hormonal changes might be more intense in your 3rd pregnancy. Your tummy might also bulge out early on. Multiparas can also feel fetal movement at an early stage.

Do you wish to know more about 3rd pregnancy and related complications? Hang on with us till the end. Our content will definitely be helpful for you!

Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start Earlier with Each Pregnancy? 

Yes, pregnancy symptoms may appear early on with each pregnancy. However, it’s not a constant thing. Some women may also face specific symptoms at a constant timeline. So, each pregnancy is different in its own way.

Is it your first pregnancy? Then your symptoms may appear at a later stage compared to a multipara. It’s totally natural, as your body is not familiar with pregnancy-related changes. So, it will need some time to adjust and harbor sign-symptoms. 

If you are a multipara, then your body will react rapidly. After all, your body is already aware of hormonal & pregnancy-related changes.

General Sign Symptoms of Each Pregnancy 

What are the general signs and symptoms of pregnancy? 

Is it your first, second, or third pregnancy? Either way, you will have to deal with these symptoms. So, let’s check them out first!

Presumptive Signs:


The first sign of pregnancy is amenorrhoea. 

Now your uterus has started to nurture the newly implanted embryo. So, missing your period is pretty obvious.

Morning Sickness: 

You may feel nausea or might even vomit in the morning. Morning sickness usually arises around 4 to 6 weeks.

Breast Changes: 

  • After conception, the breast becomes larger and more nodular. 
  • Multiple silvery striae will appear on the breast.
  • Areola becomes wider & darker. 
  • You will begin to produce colostrum at the 12th week of gestation. The colostrum usually thickens at the end of the 16th week.


The skin of the axilla & abdomen will be pigmented.

Vulvar Bluish Tint:

After conception, the vulva becomes bluish-purple over time. It’s due to the increased blood flow to the uterus, cervix & vagina. In medical terms, this phenomenon is known as – the Chadwick sign.

Urinary Disturbance: 

As your baby grows, the uterus becomes larger. At some point, it will compress the urinary bladder. That’s why most mothers face urinary disturbances in their first trimester.

Probable Signs:

Abdominal Bulging: 

Your abdomen will eventually bulge out during gestation. The uterus acts as a pelvic organ till the 12th week. But at the end of 3rd month, it becomes an abdominal organ.

Uterine Souffle: 

It’s a soft murmur that is synchronized with the mother’s pulse.

Softening of Cervix & Uterus: 

Your physician will be able to detect it at the 4th week of gestation. 

Confirmatory Signs:

Fetal Heart Sound: 

Fetal Heart sounds are first audible around the 18th to 20th week of pregnancy.

Fetal Movement: 

Your physician will be able to palpate fetal parts and fetal movement by the 24th week of pregnancy.


Are you still sure about your pregnancy? An abdominopelvic USG might do the job for you.

You can confirm pregnancy by ultrasonography at the 12th week of gestation.

It can detect –

  • Gestational ring.
  • Fetal heart sound by 12th week.
  • Fetal head & thorax by 14th week.

How Early Can You Get Pregnancy Symptoms with 3rd Child? Check 7 Unexpected Symptoms Now!

Even if you were pregnant before, symptoms might be a bit different in your third pregnancy. So, what to expect this time? Let’s be prepared!

Abdomen Bulges Out Early On 

In your 3rd pregnancy, your baby bump might appear pretty early. After all, your abdominal muscles have already been stretched out before. Your uterus is also experienced in nurturing the baby. Thus, your body knows to handle it.

Fast Weight Gain 

Gaining weight is just a regular symptom of pregnancy. But, in comparison with your previous pregnancy, you will gain weight faster in your third pregnancy. 

In comparison to your first or second pregnancy, you will start your third pregnancy with more weight. There is no certainty of this phenomenon. But If the inter-conceptional period is small, there is indeed a high possibility of it.

Moreover, each pregnancy is unique. So, the weight gain rate of each pregnancy is different.

Duration of Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. But its duration varies in each pregnancy. Most women feel morning sickness from 6th week of their first pregnancy. It may last till the 17th to 18th week of gestation. 

In subsequent pregnancies, you might have to deal with nausea for a shorter period. It may last only for the 6th to 11th week. In fact, some women might not even face nausea in their 3rd pregnancy.

Body Aches Appear Early On

In the first or second pregnancy, sciatic pain doesn’t mostly appear until the beginning of the second trimester. In your first pregnancy, body aches will be mild as well. 

In subsequent pregnancies, body aches just get worse. In the third pregnancy, you might feel sciatic pain at the beginning of the 14th week. So, yeah, it’s indeed early!


Around the 18th week of gestation, a primiparous woman can feel fetal movement. This movement is known as quickening. However, in the second or third pregnancy, you might feel it at an earlier stage, probably in the 16th week of gestation.

Intense Hormonal Changes 

As you already know, hormonal changes in pregnancy are pretty extreme. In fact, they become more intense with each pregnancy. It comes with rapid behavioral changes and mood swings. 

In the first pregnancy, women usually worry about the health of the first baby & relationship changes. In subsequent pregnancies, you also have to worry about your previous babies. Life stress just adds up to it and takes a toll on pregnant women.

Time Flies Faster

The first pregnancy is exciting as well as worrisome. In your first pregnancy, nine months might even feel like nine years! After all, you are extremely concerned about every movement of your baby. 

In the second or third pregnancy, things are quite different. You already have a baby to take care of. So you won’t have much time to worry. So, it will feel like an event of several months only. 

Pregnancy Complications: Just Be Ready!

Pregnancy is really unpredictable. Things may get complicated at any stage of pregnancy. 

So, what are the most common complications of pregnancy? Let’s check it out!

Antenatal Complications 

  • Eclampsia & Pre-eclampsia.
  • Antepartum hemorrhage.

The patient may show several warning signs like –

  • Fever.
  • Swelling of the feet.
  • Fits.
  • Headache.
  • The blurring of vision.
  • Per vaginal bleeding.

Intranatal Complications 

  • No pain.
  • Pain without any progress.
  • Fever.
  • Prolapse of the cord 
  • Intra-natal hemorrhage 

Postnatal Complications

  • Postnatal hemorrhage.
  • Varicosity of the veins of the lower limb.

How early can you get pregnancy symptoms with a 2nd child? 

In your first pregnancy, you will feel fetal movement at the 18th or 20th week of gestation. However, in the second pregnancy, you may feel it in the 16th week. Mothers may feel uterine contractions at an early stage as well. 

Do you feel pregnancy symptoms sooner with your 3rd baby? 

Yes, it’s possible to feel pregnancy symptoms, after all. After all, your body is familiar with the wholesome changes of pregnancy. 

Can you have different pregnancy symptoms in each pregnancy? 

Yes, it’s pretty obvious. After all, each pregnancy is unique. In fact, each pregnancy can distinctively alter your cravings & behaviors. 

Final Words 

How early can you get pregnancy symptoms with 3rd child? Gestational changes might appear early with subsequent pregnancies. Some women may gain weight early on. The abdomen may stretch out before the end of 3rd month. But, Don’t worry! Your body is just getting used to the physiology of pregnancy. So, explore this period and enjoy it to your fullest. After all, pregnancy is one of the most memorable points of a woman’s life.

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