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How to stop comfort pinching?

As a new parent, there are a lot of new things to get to know a toddler. Sometimes the child’s behavior makes you smile and laugh. On the contrary, some aggressive behavior of your baby makes you worried. 

Most often your baby seemed to pinch on its skin. Sometimes your baby pinches you constantly. It can be while breastfeeding or during nap time. Though this type of behavior seemed to be quite common. Rather it’s a thing to be worried about as well. Often new parents get tensed and ask themself, “how to stop comfort pinching?”.

Don’t be so worried. Almost all parents face this issue and the matter can be easily cured. Read more to know the ways of preventing comfort pinching.

What is comfort pinching?

Just about all parents new or old are quite familiar with the word comfort pinching. Most infants often pinch or pick their or others’ skin or hand. When you remove their hand or restrain them from pinching they start to cry. Thus it can be understood the process may be a type of comfort for the baby. That’s the reason, the issue is named comfort pinching.

Why do baby keep pinching themselves?

More or less, all the babies seemed to pinch themselves. Sometimes they pinch their skin or their hands. In fact, they pinch their parents quite often as well. Though the fact is considered as usual. But often it becomes a matter of tense.

There are several reasons for comfort pinching. In medical science, it is known as sensory processing. The human nervous system verily functions for communication skills. In the time of communicating, the nervous system works as a connector between the brain and other sensories.

Communicating with parents or in time of need is quite difficult for a little one than an older baby. So, during the time of nap or hunger, the sensory input system sends signals to the brain. But as a baby cannot communicate properly, they start to pinch on the skin through its hand. That’s why the little one pinches itself or others as well. 

Why does pinching hurt?

Pinching is the term often refers to the displacing of the skin from its actual position. The term is also known as squeezing. Pinching or squeezing on the skin supersedes the skin and the blood beneath deriving out of its natural position. So, pinches feel hurtful to you. But usually, it is bearable. The degree of pain actually depends on the displacing of the skin is pinched. 

How to stop toddler pinching for comfort?

For most parents, it is a deal with anxiety to watch their toddler biting or pinching often. Mostly it is considered a very negative behavior. But there is sufficient reason for the child to do that. So, if you can clearly realize the facts, the matter can be controlled easily. 

Here are some scientifically proven reasons and solutions for the toddler to stop pinching:

1.     Want of Proper Communication Skill:

At an early age, a baby tries to acknowledge communication ways through actions, language, or gestures. But obviously, it takes a lot of time to learn the ways properly. Till then the toddler seemed to pinch more. Thus you can understand the reason for your baby’s pinching may be a lack of communications skill. 

So, whenever your young child is pinching, give attention. Try to realize the reason for what the child is trying to respond or say. The way will help the baby to learn proper communication. Thus your toddler may stop pinching.

2.     Time of Exhaustion

During the time of exhaustion, usually the baby pinch more. So, try to put him or her to bed as early as possible. Because of that time, your baby feels excessively tired and starts to rub its eyes and yawn. That’s why the sign clearly shows, your baby wants to rest and have a good nap. 

3.     Irritation

Another reason your baby is pinching more is in times of irritation. Research shows, your baby pinches often during anger or frustration. So, try to figure out the reason for his or her frustration and eliminate the thing. Soon, your baby will turn normal and stop pinching.

A toddler pinching baby brother

4.     Lack of Attention

Toddlers always love to have attention from their parents. Lack of proper attention, they start to bite, pinch, or hair pulling. Their behavior turns into aggression as self-soothing. That’s why at that very moment try to give some time to your baby. Singing lullabies, rubbing the back, or talking can easily soothe the baby.

5.     Teething

During the time of teething, your baby feels much discomfort. Thus he or she starts to pinch or bite. So, give your child a teething ring. This will help your child to reduce discomfort. That’s how he or she will stop feeling irritated and his or her tooth will grow properly.

Why does my baby pinch me for comfort?

Babies pinch, bite or pull hair to explore their surroundings. They also pinch to communicate with their parents during hunger or nap time. It is their way to know the environment.

Why does my baby pinch and scratch me when nursing?

A baby around 5 to 6 months pinch or scratch you either for the reason of increasing the flow of milk or to explore their world. 

How do I stop my baby from pinching while breastfeeding?

Give some soft toys to your baby while breastfeeding. You can also massage your baby’s hands or hold them during that time. 

Final Words

Pinching or biting is a quite natural behavior of a baby. Some babies do less and others do more. But there is nothing to be much anxious about the matter. By following the above methods you can easily get rid of this issue. Moreover, try to give enough time and proper attention to the baby during this time. Thus the worries of parenting will turn into relaxation quite soon.

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