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I don’t like my baby’s name

The birth of a newborn baby is the most precious moment for every parent. But the most exciting split second comes later with keeping the baby’s name. Some even take months to choose the right one for their baby. Yet still, most parents regret it later. It is quite common to listen from parents, “I don’t like my baby’s name”. Now, what to do?

Baby names are not just the thing; they will be called out. In fact, your little one will be identified by its name during their whole life. So, yes, keeping the right name is quite essential. If you don’t like your baby’s name, don’t worry. There is still a ray of hope. Read more to know the ways to choose the right one.

I hate my baby’s name

There are a lot of parents found hate their baby’s name. Often they make mistakes in choosing the right name for their little one. One mom said, it’s been nearly 8 months now; I am still unclear and don’t feel fixed with it”.

There are even a lot of new parents who realize the matter of choosing the wrong name. Some get even frustrated, assuming how common their baby’s name is. They feel so regretful and hate their own decision.

Based on the survey report of a Baby Center, more than 10 percents of new parents experience remorse in keeping baby names. About 4 percents of them agree they would pick another perfect name if they have given the opportunity to do it over.

Can I name my baby anything I want

Picking the best name for the baby is a desire of every parent. But most of them get confused about picking the name. In fact, there a question often comes to their mind, “can I name my baby anything I want?”. The answer is, yes, you can. But there are some facts you need to keep in your head.

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Pick a unique name for your unique child!

Set a nickname

The first thing you may do is to set a nickname. You can easily shoot for the middle or full name by setting a nickname. Picking the nickname first will help you to choose the accurate one for the middle.

Pick something unique

Who doesn’t want to pick a beautiful baby’s name? But most often, you feel hesitant to pick the right one. Because after selecting the name you found it very common. So, while you are about to pick the name, try to select some unusual name or something unique. You can also take ideas from a baby name book. 

Create a unique name on your own

Most parents face an issue with selecting the name. They often seemed to complain, “can’t find a name for my baby?”. Here is an effective idea for you. Besides taking help from the baby name book, you can also make the usual name into a unique name on your own. 

For example, you can turn Gertrude into Trudy, Emily into Mily, William into Liam, Broderick into Brody, and so on. Thus you can create something unique as your child name.

Differentiate between a boy name and a girl name

Before picking the name, you need to differentiate between a boy name and a girl name. One parent said, “When I kept my son’s name, I had no idea a lot of girls were already named the same.” Thus you can clearly realize how essential it is to differentiate properly. So, pick something which is appropriate as your daughter’s name or your boy name.

How to get baby to recognize name?

After picking the right name, now is the time to get recognized for the name of your baby. But the fact is not such easy as it looks. You must need to be very patient. First of all, you need to do is to keep repeating the name in front of your baby. Thus your child will be able to recognize its name early. 

But the process sometimes doesn’t accomplish so easily. After attempting a lot, some parents yet face difficulties. They complain, “why doesn’t my baby answer to his name?”. However, the matter is slightly worrying but recoverable as well. 

Picture of A baby smiling and responding to the parent
Call your baby by their name as much as possible, soon your baby will learn to recognize their name

Try to give enough time to your baby. Call him or her by their name as much as possible. Try to teach your baby its name accurately. Though it may take some time to recognize appropriately. But soon, your baby will learn to recognize their name

What if you don’t like your baby’s name?

There is no fixed law saying you will have to stick with the baby name you don’t like. So, it is quite normal to change the legal name as per your want.                   

How do I overcome my baby’s regret name?

At first, try to figure out what you actually regret about the baby name. Then try to overcome your feelings. Moreover, you can set another nickname suitable for you as well. 

What happens when parents disagree on baby names?

If the parents disagree on the baby’s name, then you can decide the matter to end up in court. There, a judge will take the decision on the best name for the baby.

Final Word

Picking up a beautiful and unique name is quite a difficult task to do. In fact, the task becomes even harder if you have already chosen and don’t like the name anymore. 

However, the baby naming process is considered to be a tough one. But, as new parents, the task will become much easy following the above facts. So, picking a new name or selecting something other, try these methods and choose a perfect name for your baby.

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